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Appointed Town Officials

Fiscal Year 2012


The following persons are appointed by the Board of Selectmen to the offices hereafter named to begin a new term of service effective July 1, 2011:


Town Positions
Administrative Assistant Leslie Scott Burton
Animal Control Officer Jesse Berard
Assistant Animal Control Officer Chris Donais
Bell Ringer Trish Miller
Assistant Bell Ringer Thomas Miner
Board of Overseers Douglas Blood
Building Inspector John Couture
Local Inspector Nelson Burlingame
CMRPC Alternate Stephen Cummings
Caretaker of Town Clock James Black
Constable Arthur Tatro
Council on Aging Director Carol Wheeler
E911 Coordinator Aram Thomasian, Jr.
Emergency Management Director Douglas Blood
Fence Viewers Vacant &
Richard Dupre, Sr.
Fire Chief Bradley Gannon
Deputy Fire Chief Joseph Holway
Assistant Fire Chief Kevin Rockwood
Gas Inspector Paul Bouchard
Assistant Gas Inspector James Bergeron
Gypsy Moth & Elm Tree Superintendent  Anthony Holway
Hazardous Waste Coordinator John Alphin
Harbormaster Douglas Blood
Historian Eugene Caille
Insurance Commissioner Leslie Scott Burton
Janitor of Town Hall Thomas Miner
Local Emergency Planning Douglas Blood
Aram Thomasian, Jr.
Bradley Gannon
Gary Jean
Lumber Surveyors vacant
Milk Inspector Lee Jarvis
Outreach Coordinator Glenn Girardi

Parking Fines Clerk

Donna Gauthier
Planning Board Alternates Sheila Buzzell

Troy Brown

Holly Kularski

Carole Ryback

Plumbing Inspector Paul Bouchard
Assistant Plumbing Inspector James Bergeron
Police Chief Aram Thomasian, Jr.
Police Sergeants Ryan Daley
Police Patrolmen Christopher Donais
David Churchey
Adam Kachadoorian
Part-time Police Officers

Sgt. Charles Buchanan
Jesse Berard 

Michael Corder
Paul Dacey 

Brandon Fullam

Joseph Lazarick
David O'Brien

Kendall Perrault

Felix Ramos
Anthony Thomasian

Tammy Willey

John Murphy, Special Police Officer
Anne Jannette, Matron
Mary Peloquin, Matron

Public Weigher Thomas Hubacz
Quaboag Valley Economic Development James Metcalf
Safety Inspector Bradley Gannon
SCM Elderbus Board of Directors Carol Wheeler
Superintendent Of Streets & Highways, Sidewalks, Bridges Gary Jean
Town Accountant Nancy Nykiel
Town Collector Donna Gauthier
Town Counsel Kopelman and Paige
Town Hall Agent Leslie Scott Burton
Town Treasurer Anne Jannette
Veterans' Agent John Byszek
Webmaster Priscilla Johnson
Wire Inspector Donald Doe
Assistant Wire Inspector Troy Brown
Zoning Enforcement Officer John Couture
200th Anniversary Committee

Anne Adams

Joseph Chenevert

Ray Hebert

Julie Mc Carthy


Capital Improvement Planning Committee
Mary Walter (Selectmen's Representative) 2012
Donald Doe (Planning Board Representative) 2012
Robert Locatelli (Finance Committee Representative 2012
 Charles Lindgren (at-large-member) 2013
Larry Walter (at-large-member) 2013
Vacant Alternate
Vacant Alternate


Conservation Commission
Christine Morrison 2012
Trevor Bruso 2012
Ann Hicks 2013
Robert Locatelli 2013
Dane Falardeau 2014


Council On Aging
Ann Nealer 2012
George Cross 2012
Cathy Strandberg 2012
John Lofgren 2013
Florine Martel 2013
Julie McCarthy 2013
Rose Marchessault 2014
Reedy Nealer 2014
Cecilia Daniels 2014
Jack Lawlor Alternate
Judith Manning Alternate
Carolyn Los Alternate


Economic Development Commission

Stephen Cummings 2012
Robert Locatelli 2012
James Metcalf 2012
Vacant 2012
Vacant 2012
Vacant 2012
Vacant 2012


Education Task Force

Debra Arnold James Metcalf
Gregory Sinner Marty Toomey



Election Workers - Republicans
Warden John Krusell
Deputy Warden Lisa Kularski
Deputy Warden Gerald St. John


Election Workers - Democrats
Warden Annette Wetnika
Deputy Warden Rita Lemieux
Deputy Warden Dorothy Revene


Election Workers - Unenrolled
Deputy Warden Rosemary Mackenzie
Deputy Warden Susan St. John
Deputy Warden Donna Gauthier


Ballot Clerks & Inspectors - Republicans
Holly Smith Ruth Ann Smith
Ellen Varney Lisa Kularski
Gerald St. John  


Ballot Clerks & Inspectors - Democrats
Pamela Leach Rita Lemieux
Dorothy Revene Annette Wetnika
Harbour Fraser Hodder Robin Thomasian
Patricia Potter  


Ballot Clerks & Inspectors - Unenrolled
Elizabeth Baldyga Patricia Miller
Rosemary Mackenzie Ellen Smith
Carole Ryback Shiela LeBlanc
Ann Whigham Joanne Ford
Susan St. John Pamelia Leach
Donna Gauthier  


Tally Clerks & Inspectors - Republicans
Ruth Ann Smith Holly Kularski
Lisa Kularski Ellen Varney


Tally Clerks & Inspectors - Democrats
Patrice Cronin Annette Wetnika
Robin Thomasian Patricia Potter


Tally Clerks & Inspectors - Unenrolled
Beverly Mimeault Rosemary Mackenzie
Patricia Miller Elizabeth Baldyga
Donna Gauthier Susan St. John
Priscilla Johnson Carole Ryback
Shiela LeBlanc Ann Whigham
Joanne Ford Ellen Smith
Pamelia Leach  


Finance Committee & Special Town Employees
Eric Hevy 2012
Robert Smith 2012
Robert Locatelli 2013
Chester Lubelczyk 2013
Vacant 2013
Frank Hubacz, Jr. 2014
Lisa Grace 2014
Charles Lindgren Alternate
George McGrail Alternate


Historical Commission
John Lane  
Andrew Caron  
John Krusell  
Brandon Avery  
Michael Hubacz  
Matthew C. Benvenuti Bates Observatory sub-committee


Insurance Advisory Committee
Anne Jannette, ex-officio Supt. John Provost
Sgt. Ryan Daley Damien Surrette
Lisa Cutrumbes James McKeon
Gene Caille Lucinda Thompson
Donna Gauthier  


Library Building Maintenance Committee
Thomas Skowron, Chairman Harbour Fraser Hoddder
Helen Foyle Richard Miller
Robert LaFlamme Margy O'Donnell
Ellen Smith Anne Kidd
James Caldwell  


Local Cultural Council
Paulette Adams Eva Brown
Trevor Burso Ann Hicks
Harbour Fraser Hodder Elisabeth Hyder
Jason Nagle  


Local Public Access Committee
Steven Caputo 2012
Bryron Ake 2012
Michael Tillotson, co-chair 2014
Paul LeBlanc, co-chair 2014
Ellen Smith 2014


Master Plan Implementation Committee
Mary Walter, ex-officio Brandon Avery
Joseph Zegarra Ann Hicks
Vacant Vacant-Alternate


North Brookfield Emergency Management Agency
Douglas Blood, Director Richard Dupre, Jr., Deputy Director
Ann Adams Charles Buchanan
Sean Butler Corey Buzzell
Mary Ann Byszek Stephanie Carmiello
John Hart Suzanne Lewandowski
Charles LIndgren Gary McComas
Lorel McComas Steve Ruggere
Tomas Ruiz John Sidebottom
Larry Walter Adam Witowski
Roland Zuidema, Jr. Betty Libby
Jeff Schimmelpennigh Kevin Duivan
Gino Carmiello Chris Blood
Nicole Ferriter  


Police Building Committee
Paul Dacey, co-chair Eric Hevy, co-chair
Leah Bradley Steve Cummings
Peter Fullam Anne Jannette
Aram Thomasian Jr.  


Rail Trail Study Committee
Dane Falardeau Kim Kort
Robert Locatelli  


Board Of Registrars
Stanley Hanson 2012
Matthew C. Benvenuti 2013
Jeannette Anderson 2014
Helen Foyle Temporary Registrar


Safety Committee
Aram Thomasian, Jr., ex-officio Bradley Gannon, ex-officio
Gary Jean, ex-officio Valerie Morin
Peter Shipman  


 Sewer Commissioners
Charles Haddock 2012
John Farmer 2013
Donald Smith 2014
Chief Operator WWTP Rodney Jenkins
Asst Operator WWTP Adam Korabowski
Operator WWTP Michael Mercandante


 Town Beach Committee
Anthony Zalauskas 2012
Douglas Blood 2013
Vacant 2014


Town Forest Committee
Anthony Holway Carl Gustafson
Richard Bouley Ross Hubacz


Town History Committee
Claudette Marshall Merry Obrzut


Town House Renovation Committee
Julie McCarthy Brandon Avery


Zoning Board of Appeals
Steve Cummings 2012
Thomas Waugh 2013
Michael Toomey 2014
Carole Ryback Alternate
John Kursell Alternate


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