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Water Dept. Agenda









Stephen Jones, Water Superintendent

Andrew Lalashius, Plant Operator

Erika Rivers, Administrative Assistant



Current Water Rates:

$45.00 (1-5,000 gallons)

$0.010801/gallon over 5,000

Note: Water rates are subject to change

with each billing cylcle



Board of Water Commissioners:

John Thomasian, Chairman

Timothy Nason

James Kularski



The North Brookfield Water Department is dedicated to providing an uninterrupted supply of high quality water to the residents of North Brookfield.  Our commitment is to supply a quality water that complies with all State and Federal standards, while providing education and excellent customer service.  This mission is carried out by continuous optimization of the treatment processes at the Bell Hill Treatment Facility and upgrading of the distribution system infrastructure.


The North Brookfield Water Department completed construction of a state of the art, 2 million gallon per day water filtration facility in July of 2000.  With this facility the water quality delivered to the customers has greatly improved.  Along  with the treatment facility a new 1.5 million gallon storage tank was constructed.  This gives the water system extra capacity.


In case of an emergency, call the office phone number.  If there is no answer, a recording will come on instructing you on emergency numbers to call to receive a response from the water department.


Location:  14 Bell Road

Office Hours:   Monday through Friday, 8:15 to 2:15 PM.

Board of Water Commissioners meeting: Second Monday of each month at 6:00 PM

Phone: (508) 867-0207
Fax: (508) 867-0224

Email: nbwd@verizon.net


Available Water Department Documents: 


Horse Pond Dam Repair Project Presentation


Application for Water Service


Backflow Device Installation


Design Data Sheet Backflow Installation


Cross Connection Information          


Water Department Rules and Regulations updated 12-13-2010 (PDF)


Flushing Route


2013 Annual Water Quality Report (PDF)


2012 Annual Water Quality Report (DPF)


2011 Annual Water Quality Report (PDF)


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Storage Tank Water Treatment Plant, July 2004 Xeriscape Garden Xeriscape Garden
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