North Brookfield Fire Department Roster

ChiefJoe Holway - Dept. Administrator
Deputy ChiefDarin Anderson - Oversees Fire Prevention & Administrative Duties
CaptainDavid Martin - Oversees Groups 1 & 2 and in charge of Tech Rescue & Co. Capt.
CaptainKeith Marshall - Fire Prevention
CaptainRandy Doiron - Oversees Groups 3 & 4 and in charge of training
LieutenantPatrick Kiritsy - Group 3 - Director of EMS
LieutenantDon Mailing - Group 4 - and works Training Division
LieutenantGeorge Nolette - Group 1 - and works Tech Rescue
LieutenantThomas Bessette - Group 2 - and is Company Captain
Lt. MechanicJohn Farmer
FirefighterMichael Splaine
FirefighterPete Orsi - works Fire Prevention
FirefighterEric Hevy - Training Center Administrator
FirefighterJohn Branscombe
FirefighterRyan Holway
FirefighterMichael Goyette
FirefighterBrandon Hevy
FirefighterHawdi Fatemi
FirefighterBen Ash
FirefighterTyler Trainor
FirefighterMichael Kelley
FirefighterJeramy Joyal
FirefighterJohn Foyle - works Fire Prevention
FirefighterShaun Adams
FirefighterJames Mayo
FirefighterAndrew Avedian
FirefighterChris Chase
FirefighterJohn Ingemi III
FirefighterKevin Tourtellotte
FirefighterAvery Nye
FirefighterLogan Fullam
FirefighterJessica Pittman
FirefighterRyan Cove
FirefighterGino Caramiello
FirefighterMichael O'Rourke
FirefighterNate Tillotson
FirefighterCharles Buchanan
FirefighterGage Foster
FitefighterPaul Thompson
FirefighterEric Pike
FirefighterRonald Barrows
FirefighterJustin Montville