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North Brookfield Safety Committee

Commissioned by:  Board of Selectmen (BoS)

Purpose:  Advise the BoS of issues that affect the overall safety of North Brookfield residents.

Mission Statement:  The North Brookfield Safety Committee is a proactive organization responsible for the present and future identification of public safety conditions that have an overall affect on the citizens of North Brookfield.

Committee members:  Police Chief, Fire Chief, Highway Superintendent, EMS Chief, Sewer Superintendent, Water Superintendent, one member at large

Potential Situations:  Potential areas of concern are:

  • Pedestrian crossing at busy traffic locations
  • Potential dangerous motor vehicle streets and intersections
  • Determining a scale of urgency in the identification, repair, and maintenance of town sidewalks
  • Identify and report on violations of existing safety situations, i.e. burning at out of season times
  • Identify buildings that many be dangerous to the public, especially to youngsters

Members, Appointed FY2018

Name Title
Police Chief Mark Smith ex-officio
Fire Chief Joseph Holway ex-officio
Highway Superintendent Jason Benoit ex-officio
Sewer Superintendent Adam Korabowski
Water Superintendent Rich Kennan ex-officio
Member at Large Peter Shipman
EMS Director Patrick Kiritsy ex-officio