Tax & Fee Due Dates and Schedule


The Town of North Brookfield currently bills on a quarterly basis . Real Estate and Personal Property tax bills for the fiscal year cover the period of July 1st of the previous year to June 30th of the current fiscal year.  Payments are due by 2 p.m. in the Town Collector’s office on the due dates. The first and second quarter will be issued on July 1st and due on August 1st and November 1st respectively (or the following regular business day anytime a due date falls on a weekend or holiday.)

The tax rate should be set in time for the third quarterly bill to be mailed for January 1st, and that bill will be  due on February 1st.  The final, or fourth quarter, will be mailed on January 1st as well and will be due on May 1st.

Postmarks are not considered payment in a timely fashion per Massachusetts General Law. Interest at an annual rate of 14 % per annum is assessed on all payments received after the due dates. Interest on Real Estate and Personal Property taxes is charged from the due date until the tax is paid. A tax balance still remaining unpaid after May 1st will result in the issuance of a demand bill and an additional $ 30.00 fee. It is the responsibility of the taxpayer to ensure that tax bills arrive in the Collector’s office on or before the due dates.


There are several Motor Vehicle Excise tax bill mailings during the year. The largest mailing usually occurs in February and usually includes all vehicles that were registered as housed in North Brookfield for over one year. These bills, although collected by the Town, are generated from the Registry of Motor Vehicles. To avoid any collection charges or action, taxpayers must pay the excise in full within 30 days of the bill’s issue date. Partial payments are not accepted on excise taxes. If the tax is not paid within the 30 days, a demand for payment will be issued and a $30.00 demand fee and interest at the rate of 12 % will be added to the tax amount due and is charged from the date the payment was due until the date it is paid. All address changes for excise tax bills must be done at the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

All Fees are due on the First of each month.

JanuaryLandfill Fee
FebruaryReal Estate Property Tax
MarchWater Fee

Sewer Fee

MayReal Estate Tax, Personal Property Tax
JuneDemands Real Estate & Personal Property Tax
AugustReal Estate Tax, Personal Property Tax
SeptemberWater Fee
OctoberSewer Fee
NovemberReal Estate Tax, Personal Property Tax